KelMar Designs

By popular demand, I started a business making pet tents, beds, blankets and all sorts of different products for both dogs and cats. 

I will post some here: I make different colours; mostly out of fleece and poly batting, but some out of flannel also. 

All of my products are fully washable and dryable; the filling is sewn into the seams so it never bunches up in the wash.

Feel free to contact me; I do ship and will let you know the extra cost to get it to you in a reasonable amount of time!


These beds are able to be flat with a raised edge, gathered to have high sides, and are reversible to have either side showing. The cords are attached with a stopper so you don't lose the ends in the wash!

oval beds $30ea


These beds have one round of firm stuffing to hold it's shape, with a padded bed sewn into the seams.

small round beds $20ea


large pet mats - 42"x 17" octagonal $50ea

These pads measure 42" across and will fit in a large ex-pen.  Great use for a floor mat, or on a bed or couch to save from pet hair.  Because of the large size, these pads have an extra sewn line to ensure there's no movement of padding when washed and dried.


how many bengals can

you fit in a tent!

These tents measure 18" x 18" x 22"H.  They are lined with a matching solid fleece for strength and warmth.  All tents come with a matching bed.  Take out the posts, and they are fully washable/dryable.

I consider these 'bengal' proof, as they may roll them, but they'll never collapse!

Great for queening; they keep the babies warm and safe in a dark closed space mom's prefer.  The babies can't get over the edge until after they're 3 weeks old.

Assorted colours/designs available upon request.

pet tents & matching bed $40ea