Fraser Valley Bengals

The Boys


Zach is the ultimate boy.  His lines go back to our first breeding bengals, and he has the most awesome personality, which he has passed on to all his offspring.  He has awesome type, with large boning, a soft plush coat, wonderful nocturnal green eyes, and nicely shaped, small, well placed ears.  A nice short thick tail, wide muzzle, good profile and chin: he just shines!

He is no longer a breeding cat, but is neutered and will spend forever here with us.  He loves all the kittens, and still jumps and plays with toys.


Dante is the most wild looking cat in our home.  He is a very large boy, weighing in around 18 lbs, with a long, wide face.  He has a wonderful square muzzle, a nice thick tail with golden nocturnal eyes.  His rosettes are large and random on a very close cropped coat.  He is the gentlest of boys, usually climbing in with kittens around 3 weeks of age to just cuddle them.  


Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Alter

FraserValley Zachary

Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Alter

FraserValley Fey Dantes Inferno



Rogue is a blue ticked abyssinian.  He has the most wonderfully soft coat, with a beautiful apricot underbelly.  He has no tabby markings or bars. He has nicely cupped, large ears and beautiful almond green eyes.  Rogue has the most wonderful personality and is extremely loving. 

Thank you to Susan and Graham of Nightmist Abyssinians for this wonderful boy.

Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Alter

Nightmist Rogue of Fraser Valley







Griffon is a beautiful brown spotted boy.  Pictured here at only 5 months, he is going to be a big boy!  Lovely top and back head, strong chin and round expressive eyes.

This boy has a wonderfully contrasted coat smooth as silk, with glitter as a bonus. 

We look forward to watching him mature and develop to produce some outstanding kittens.

Glimmer Griffon of Fraser Valley