Fraser Valley Bengals

Fraser Valley Bengals

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melanistic bengal

Ebony is now spayed, and will be looking for her forever loving home.  She would prefer a home without alot of activity and be an only loved cat, unless it's with a handsome boy - no other girls!

tested PK-def negative June 2014



Mystique comes to us from Snopride.  She has a wonderful profile, great whisker pads, nicely shaped and placed ears.  Her coat is beautifully patterned with open rosettes and a clear light background.  A lighted tummy finishes off this precious girl.  Thanks to Don & Margie for this awesome addition.

 PK - def: N/N



RW SGCh Snopride Mystique of Fraser Valley

Sheridan comes to us from Julie at Bengalflats.  She is a snow mink bengal.  Sheridan has the most lovely shade of aqua eyes.  She has beautiful rosettes in a clear creamy background.  Her ears are the perfect shape and placement, along with a thick, shorter tail.  Her coat is plush and silky.  A wonderful girl all over and a perfect addition to our program.

DGCh Bengalflats Sheridan of Fraser Valley

PK - def: N/N




Fraser Valley Bellatrix

Introducing Bella, our own girl from Mysticfires Merida, and our Denali.  She has a wonderful head type, lovely ear set and a great pattern.  Nice thick tail makes the whole package!  We're very excited to see how this little girl develops.

Pk-def: N/K

PRA - b:  N/N